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Small Retail Price
9.5-12 in (1.5x33cm)
½ inch
Medium Retail Price
12x15 in (2.0x43cm) ¾ inch
Retail Price $12.99
14x17 (2.5x51cm) 1 inch

Give your pet the gift of healing!

We are proud to introduce to you these beautiful one of a kind timeless leather and crystal collars. These are sized small, medium and large with clear embedded crystals.

These high quality soft leather and crystal collars were exclusively designed with your pet in mind, and can be worn with or without an individual healing pet stone. Now you can customize your dog’s collar by choosing from an array of five (5) individual healing pet stone each representing it’s own unique healing quality and designed to be attached to the specially mounted 0 ring located on the front of these specially designed dog collar’s.

Here is Peanut from Boca
Raton modeling her red healing pet stone collar.

Please click on the link(s) below to view large images of pet stone collars.
Yellow collars
Blue collars Green collars Red collars Black collars


To Purchase the Pet Healing Collars:
Please click on "add to cart". On the following page, make your selections from "Color" & "Neck Size" dropdown windows. Thank you.



----------------------------- How to size your pet’s collar -------------------------------

Many companies offer various sizes therefore we would like to make your shopping experience with us as easy as possible in order to avoid returns and shipping costs, we would like to suggest measuring your pet’s neck size accurately as this will determine the perfect size you need.Our collar size is determined by measuring from the tip of the buckle to the first hole this gives you our first size, in our small collars for instance is 9 ½ in. the second size is determined by measuring from the tip of the buckle to the last hole which is 12 in.So the small collar for instance will fit a pet with a neck size of 9/12 to 12 in.



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